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Business Lunch

Jul 15, 2019

Part 2 of 'Takeaways From Travel'

If you want some immediate strategies for growing your business, Roland Frasier brought home some amazing takeaways from his 32 day trip to Tel Aviv, Paris, Amsterdam, and London.  This is the second installment and worth every minute.

“For me, this trip generated millions - in additions to being SO much fun…Because I placed myself in the flow of opportunity and made it super easy for others…” - Roland Frasier

In Part 1 (Episode 69) Roland talked about International Expansion and Developing a Fear Management Program. You can catch up with that episode here.

Today, Listen for:

Takeaway #3 Facilitate Serendipity

Hear how Roland put himself ‘in the flow of opportunity’ and ‘facilitated serendipity’ multiple times over in order to initiate layers upon layers of new deals and partnerships.

This short story of SO many un-planned meetings and opportunities seized will inspire you to ask yourself, “What can I say YES to? How can I increase the number of facilitated, serendipitous, happy results in my personal, and business life”?

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