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Business Lunch

May 29, 2019

Roland calls Kamal Ravikant one of his dearest friends and “probably the best human being he knows”. He is the author of the bestselling books, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It and Live Your Truth. He's been a US Army Infantry soldier, held the hands of dying patients, been the ‘can do guy’ in Silicon Valley and spoken to audiences around the globe. But in this episode, Roland and Kamal dig into his success and experience in Venture Capital, investing, and more…

Listen for

  • How Kamal switches between the brutal world of Venture capital and the spiritual self-expression of writing books that help people.
  • A fascinating role play where Roland pitches an idea and Kamal questions and accesses whether he would invest.
  • Why Kamal doesn’t invest in ideas, he invests in people, and therefore the kind of Founders that he looks to back.
  • The dangers he sees time and time again when companies raise too much money.
  • Why Kamal always likes to visit companies before investing in them and what he is looking out for.
  • His advice for people who don’t know ‘people’ and can’t get in on insider networks.
  • Flags and Flaws to look for in Startups and how to vet opportunities.

Plus listen through to the end to hear some excellent insights on becoming a better person, the power of commitment and how he approaches relationships.


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