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Business Lunch

Sep 16, 2020

On Business Lunch, Roland Frasier asks the right questions, and his guests are happy to share what they’ve learned. He gets the information that our listeners want. Today is no different. Brian Daly is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker in glorious San Diego, California. He’s...

Sep 14, 2020

In the last few weeks, Roland has been digging into the theme of creating a superior customer experience. Today, he continues along that theme, with some lessons from Disney, whom we all know are the benchmark in customer experience, the 'happiest place on earth' and all things magical. 

If you're just joining us today,...

Sep 9, 2020

You may know Brad Costanzo from the Bacon-Wrapped Business podcast, but he sits today as our guest on the show for a great conversation with Roland Frasier. Brad is a serial entrepreneur, growth consultant, and investor. This fly-on-the-wall type conversation will give you a great look into the processes, ideas,...

Sep 7, 2020

Have you taken a close look at the TouchPoints that make up YOUR Customer Experience? 

Since customer experience is more critical in 2020 than product or price (See episode 190), then you might want to zoom in and examine where your customer is experiencing your brand. 

In this short episode, Roland walks you through a...

Sep 2, 2020

Are you setting up a Startup? 

Have you ever lost all your money or got an unfair share?

Have you ever wondered how to put a value on ‘sweat equity’?

Today we are pleased to share an interview with our host Roland Frasier and the author of The Slicing Pie Handbook, Mike Moyer. Mike is a serial entrepreneur who wrote...