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Business Lunch

Oct 7, 2019

Labeling Something As Impossible Is Easy. It Doesn’t Require You To Try...

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Could JK Rowling be a recording artist? Could Oprah invent space travel or the self-driving car? In this snack-able episode, Roland makes a case that they COULD, and YOU CAN achieve whatever you’re passionate about, using this five-step plan.

“Ultra-high achievers align themselves and their dreams to opportunities that match their talent, skills, and resources, at times at which those opportunities present themselves. They increase the breadth of what’s possible for them by sculpting their own possibility vision, with the chisel of data and opportunity.”- Roland Frasier

To dig in further with Roland on the subject of possibility and achievement, this episode is one of several along these lines, so be sure to listen in to the Monday (snack size) episodes for this inspiring content, starting with episode 83. You can also head over to our site and sign up for exclusive content from Roland.

Listen Today for

• 10 Ways for a 65-year-old, 5-foot tall woman in a wheelchair could fulfill her dream of playing with an NBA team, by adapting her mindset and dream to take it from impossible to possible.

• How to adapt your desire and mindset in order to overcome systemic, physical, financial, societal or legal obstacles to your dream.


The Five-Step Plan

Step 1 Find the Fire.

Step 2 Conceive and Believe. Your subconscious will not allow you to achieve something that it hasn’t seen as possible first.

Step 3 Practice Adaptive, versus Non-adaptive possibility (otherwise you’ll have a lot of trouble seeing it as possible and accomplishing step 2)

Step 4 Apply data-informed resource opportunity alignment.

Step 5 Pursue, persist and persevere.


“We cannot say if Oprah could have developed a space ship or an electric car, but I’ll bet she could have had that if it had been her passion. Goodness knows that she could be the engine to either of those now because she has the capital and connections to make it happen”.-Roland Frasier


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