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Business Lunch

Apr 24, 2019

Business thought leader, Influencer and Authority Mike Koenigs says his ‘superpower’ is that he is an ‘Amplifier’. He amplifies good ideas, creates markets and has built and sold four companies. He now focuses on advising business owners on how to amplify their message, their offers and helps them to prepare for their own exits.

On this episode, he sits with Roland and they talk about his entrepreneurship journey, but they hone in on his multiple business exits. Listen in today to hear what they have both learned in the process of successfully exiting multiple businesses so that you can skip some of the hard knocks they have survived.

Listen For

  • 5 of the 10 markets that he believes have stratospheric growth opportunities. 
  • Why you should NEVER negotiate your own deals.
  • How to get invaluable advice when negotiating and structuring deals.
  • Two critical questions to consider when exiting a business.
  • Why you need legal counsel (even if you’re a recovering Lawyer like Roland)!
  • Why you need to shoot for an earn-out based on gross.
  • Why you need to do an audit, every quarter.
  • Why Mike thinks Social media is a disease that’s doing damage to the human race.

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